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Red Microwave

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Magic Chef Red Microwave

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  • 0.9 Cubic Feet
  • 900 Watts
  • 10 Power Levels
  • Auto Cook Programs
  • Defrost & One Touch Cooking

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If you have seen a Red Microwave I bet you will fall in love. Different colored appliances are absolut in in todays modern kitchens and this Red Microwave with its bright red color will change the look of your kitchen today. You can buy a Red Microwave from your local Target or Walmart or even at the Kmart you can find it.

If you haven't used a colored kitchen appliance until now don't worry. Having a reliable Microwave is very important for all of us, before you go to a store and buy a Red Microwave there are some things to consider. It's wise to make a list and go to a store so you can easily compare features and make an informed decision.

How to buy a Red Microwave?
If you are defining yourself as a light cook, you use your red microwave for primarily melting and reheating or maybe making popcorn for movie nights. You wont need the most features, so why should you pay for the extra non used features? dont pay for them. But if you cook very often and experiment with products or use the microwave to prepare entire meals then you should look for the latest products and more features.

Microwave oven features
You will be shocked at the features the microwaves can have. Preprogramming lets you start to cook your meal with a simple touch, you tell the appliance what you are cooking, add the food and start. A combination microwave / convection oven lets you not just only prepare the meal, it allows you to crisp and brown your food too. Other features include one touch automatic defrost, popcorn and many more.

Emerson Red Microwave
Emerson has 900 watt Red Microwave made from red stainless steel. It has a removable glass turntable, LED display, Digital clock and Kitchen Timer. Some of the great features include 10 power levels speed and weight defrost modes and different cook modes. Emerson Red Microwave comes with 8 settings, 8 one touch settings. If you have a child, this model has even a child safety lock in it You can easily wipe clean your Red Microwave.
Unfortunately we found out that some of the users are not happy with the machine at all. They indicated that the device stops working after some time. But that shouldn't mean that this device is defected at all. Some user reviews indicates that it is a great product has lots of features and surely it's a great buy. Despite positive reviews we don't recommend this device.

Cook Magic Red Microwave
Cook Magic's 900 watt microwave is a special device especially designed for sight-impaired. Cook Magic aka Talking red microwave verbally guides you in English or Spanish through your cooking with just a touch of a button. With its 10 power levels, 8 preset functions for most used foods, 5 express one touch cook settings it is a sure time saver. Other features include digital display with clock, a removable glass turntable, time cook, kitchen timer, remind signal function and time and weight defrost. We found that the customers are really happy with the Cook Magic Red Microwave. It's state of art talking function is beloved by the users most. Too many customers indicate that that is a great gift to give to your wife in a special anniversary. We recommend Cook Magic for it's price - performance balance.

Swan Solo Manual Red Microwave
Swan is another stainless steel red microwave with six variable power levels, defrost function and it has twenty litre capacity. Users have mostly liked Swan because of its great red color, it's attractive design and easy cleaning function, simple display and they indicated that this device heats evenly.

Buying a Red Microwave is not that much complicated. If you decide to buy something different for your kitchen we highly recommend to go after one of the devices we have recommended.